About Me


Hello there you beautiful people!

I am one of the very many daughters and Princesses of King Jesus,

I’m known on earth as Anastasia Macdonald, been married to my “Honey-Bunny” Evans of 24 years and have two sons who are currently in University.

I am an amazing multi-dimensional woman with a warm personality, distinguished by a quiet strength. My core passions are CREATIVITY, EMPATHY, and POTENTIAL. (Trust me, it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to arrive at these beautiful points). I love these BIG 3 three purely because God, AKA, my Creator, my Boo, my Abba Father, shaped me like this. Yep, with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, HE lovingly, meticulously and graciously customed-designed me this way.  That’s why He is so “Jah-mazing”). Yaaaay! Whoopee! I am one of a kind!

 Okay, so at the core I’m an…

♡ARTIST♡. My creative call and response to God is to stir, arouse, awaken His children’s hearts and mind to encourage them into an intimate and deeper relationship with Him through my doodles.

I love abandoning myself in creative wonder, fun, simplicity and joy because most times, the destination is not the same as the start of a design project. And so I can become both a surprised and inspired observer too! The best bit is being a co-creator with my Abba Father!

♡ENCOURAGER♡. I am keenly aware of how others are feeling and very patient towards understanding where people are coming from. I experience God’s joy in encouraging, motivating, and helping people see the beauty of God within themselves and the world which we all tend to miss or overlook. An unfolding smile is very rewarding.

♡EVOCATEUR♡. My friends say I have a quiet way of inspiring hope and evoking potential with people.

Finally, as a ♡WRITER♡…and ♡INSPIRED SPEAKER♡, simply watch this space…Miracles are happening…inside me and yoooou! What? Oh no, you DID NOT overlook the unique you? Did you?! 😉


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